I’m the lucky one ;)

4 thoughts on “I’m the lucky one ;)

  1. Nissa, you are very lucky indeed. I just finished reading all your posts in the blog, it is very very sweet they give me goosebumps and chills to the spine. Hoping his love for you continue to grow as time passes by. Love both of you: Mbak Sari

  2. whoaaa Mba sari.. so happy u wanna read all our daily stories.and your words give me much flattered here. thankyu so much for your well wishes to us.amin for that Sis..hope your life full with smiles n happiness of heaven above! *kecup* 😉

  3. To have your man state his love for you like that is very rare. So treasure that. Hugs & Kisses: Sari

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