Sometimes, with everything going in my life. its easy to forget how truly fulfilled and blessed i am to have gotten as far as i have and to be in the “place” i am now. Not to say that life is its always easy to face ( its not ).but am sure it can get better ( it will ).i just needed to readjust the way i prioritize what is the most important thing in living a happy life. I relize that my past and other poeples lives do not affect mine. but brought me here.. I just need to be more grateful and thank for every blessing that come my way.

God is Good, i still can have what i want and need.I have a loving husband who really loves me and also supportive of me trough all the difficult and good times. and we have an amazing life together.planned out as a team ( altough we still learn how to be good team ) we dream the same dream for our future, and we enjoy the same silly and exciting things in our day to day ( routine ) life. but sometimes in other time we not denied that disagreements things between us still happend.its okey and i thinks it kinda normal ( sh*t happend sometimes, right?? ) as long as we still work it out.thats why we talk about everything…all the time. and (soon) about 4 month to go, Insya Allah this baby inside will come to the and  chicco just cant hardly wait of it šŸ™‚

aahhh…thank you dear God, for everything you gave to us. such never-ending blessing.