Bloginterview !! :)

Hallo teman teman,

a few a weeks ago one lovely blogger asked me wheter i’m willing to be interviewed for her project-blog. her name is Diandra. a mother of 3 , she lived in negeri seberang a.k.a Singapore with her great husband.a psychologist and she’s very beautiful and talented ! 🙂 

before that some other good blogger also have been in an  interview. so..what are the questions that were given to me??? hihihii  go visit her blog Dee ( )
once again, thankyu so much Dee !!


10 thoughts on “Bloginterview !! :)

  1. iya mba soale ini just prject keci2an yang punyanya blog gak interview gimana gituuu. pengenya sie kaya mba nella sampe masuk majalah hehehehe. tapi udah cukup buat aku happy 🙂

  2. aaakkk mama satu ini selalu bisa buat aku melayang bebas lepas diangkasa deh. hihihi thankyuu mba. aku maunya go international jd artes hollywood apadaya gak kesampaian :)))

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