Hello New “Home” ;)

yeayyy welcome to our new ( home) blog !! * suguhin teh anget & singkong rebus *

what do you guys think, huh?  is it good ? ^^ since yesterday i mess around with wordpress find the best thing for this blog! and Tadaaaa am using this theme (lovebirds) i can not hold back from using it.actually the layout still a bit messy ( maybe thats because am not used to wp’s setting kali yee ) yeah hopefully will run smoothly soon. namapun newbie yah bok ^^

hopefully with this new home, i can always update our daily stories. remember if you want to find me chicco and bazyl , you can find us here..go tell your friends,family, neighbour,colleagues and everyone else in your social media !!! ahahahahah PD gilakkk!

well enjoy your stay doll


14 thoughts on “Hello New “Home” ;)

  1. Mba Nisa salam kenal 🙂

    Wah udah pindah ke WP yah, dulu di blogspot belum sempet kenalan, silent reader aja hehehe.. Kepikiran juga sih pindah ke WP tp belum terealisasikan hahaha

    • hallo Rere 🙂

      iya secara kok theme nya wp lebih banyak and banyak settingan yg bagus buat blog hihihihi. yukk ikutan pindah. and thankyu ya sudah mampir2 kerumah lama maupun baruku. salam kenal juga rere ^^

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