Bazyl’s birthday dinner

Yup still update around bazyl’s birthday πŸ™‚

So, last night we had dinner outside to celebrate bazyl’s birthday. We picked sushi tei on purpose because bazyl really loves with their chicken katsuju menu. yesss not even 10 minutes, all the food was gone into his happy tummy. and of course this mama was super happy! ^^ when the waitress asked if anyone is having a birthday, my sister said “my nephew is having his 2nd birthday” and taadaaaa..bazyl got a sushi-cake with candle. alhamdulillah bazyl was happy πŸ™‚

anyway here a view photos from last night,


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17 thoughts on “Bazyl’s birthday dinner

  1. Happy birthday again ya bazyl…ternyata itu inisiatif sushi teinya ya…lucu deh
    Semoga bazyl tumbuh sehat dan sayang mamapapa ya nak!
    Widih ultahnya sama kayak kk Gwin ya

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