Few days ago Chicco and I went for a lunch date. Actually it was unplanned because I was so busy on that day with Bazyl in his school and i swear i just wanna go back home and get some more sleep. yup lately i feel so tired and lack of sleep. but when we were walking back home, suddenly Chicco called asking to go to lunch together in a cafe near our house. surprise surprise !! i mean, i told Chicco about this place before.its been a long time that i wanted to eat there. i thought it was very thoughtful of him. The place is simple not fancy but the menu in the cafe was really good.
We can’t really call it a lunch date because Bazyl with us. Actually he fell asleep in the stroller during the walk home and until we arrived in the cafe even all the way when we finished our lunch so we had a good quality time together . Talking about whats so important and not. Talking about our little one’s behaviour Β ( and sometimes can drive this mama SOOO crazy ) and also our future plans ;p
Maybe it sounds cliche, like a regular lunch we had, but its very exciting. because during his busy time he still can spend time with me. These kind of things are very important for us. and he always know best how to treat me like a lady πŸ˜‰
Our lunch wasn’t long because Chicco had to get back to work and go to campus ( and changed his shirt first, yeah that day he wore the wrong shirt ;p ) But at least we were happy! πŸ™‚
”Β I love it when we do what we do ,cause we do what we do till it’s done.Β I love the way we do what we do
cause we do what we do and it’s fun. You’re the one” :*

Thank you, Chicco

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