A few pictures from our life lately..

Lately,I’ve been feeling not in the mood to update anything in this blog. Am trying so hard to sit in front of  my computer and find the right words.but here are a few photos from the past week or two .. ;p










batch_IMG_1157 batch_IMG_1181


batch_IMG_1383A few pictures from the past two weeks, we went to royal botanical garden, government house ( just took photo in front of the gate, because its already late to enter) we cant get enough taking photos with opera house as the background, Hah!  such a tourist . yesss we aree ;p. We also took a ferry to go to Manly beach but too bad we didnt bring our swimwear because our trip was unplanned so just ate an ice cream and enjoyed the neighbourhood. and since our home is just close to maroubra beach we often take little mister there, he enjoyed it and tried to catch the seagulls, even though when the little wave hit him he will yell out to me or chicco ” Hey mamaa..Hey papaa” yup thats the reason why we are darker now. i would like to say  we are Tan! ;p . a week ago sydney was so damn hot and i found snow ice feeling fresh. and stock up some ice cream at our house.and another thing that makes me happy finally i found my favorite bath and body product from Soap&Glory oohh they smell amazing! i found it in mecca maxima so its  a make up store like sephora oohh heaven!! now am counting the days because sephora will be opening soon next month, yeaaayyyy!! and another weekend we spend quality time with our aunt and uncle. and as a closing for last sunday we had sushi for supper and for the first time little mister tried to eat his sushi with chopstick, how cute!.

well thats a recap from our life lately. so hows the world treating you guys? hope everythings fine 🙂



24 thoughts on “A few pictures from our life lately..

  1. Suka bgt foto Bazyl yg peluk erat Chicco! 😍😍😍
    Lu pasti bahagia bgt ya boooo… Pantai, sendalan, Soap&Glory trus nanti Sephora. Blm lg mie ayam, buras oncom n siomay! Lupakan SF 😂😂😂

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