Listening music with Sony MDR-7506


How many times have I told you that I love music. good music can bring up the energy and mood. and also I love listening to music with the headphone so I can feel deep into my favorite songs with the strong sound and the best beat. For that, I need to wear a high-quality headphone. And “Sony-MDR7506”  has been my favorite one!! I fell in love since the first time my friend introduced this to me. and  I love  it. even though this headphone is for professionals but can be used for almost anything. but its great and fits for listening all kinds of music.I use it a lot.oh sometimes i use it while watching my favorite show on the computer. the sound is perfect . it feels nice to hear everything crystal clear from it. i can tell you it can bring my mood up ;p


Most of the time I like to wear this headphone while i get down into blogging or doing something on the computer because i need to block out all of the noise around me. I need to concentrate more and have my own private “space”. and of course music will be the best companion to motivate me or drive me more productive and stay focused. and this Sony MDR 7506 has soft ear pads and its replaceable so its very comfortable to wear even for hours! imagine that.and its lightweight too with all this great quality the price is not so expensive. wow, definitely one of the best values right now.who doesn’t love SONY products, right? ;p

For some music i love to turn up the volume a little bit and this headphone gave me an excellent quality. the bass is the first thing that caught my ear. smooth and captivating. it doesn’t even bother the people around me when i use it in high volume . the noise isolation is great !!! even Chicco can’t hear a single noise from it. and,one more thing this headphone is compatible with other brands.

overall i love this.great sound, great fit,good quality.

So tell me, do you always use headphone when listening to music? 🙂


” I often think of music, I live my daydreams in music, I see my life in term of music. and I cant live without music. So I put on my Sony MDR 7506 and turn up the music, NOW !!! “




Ps : Red lipstick Mac-Russian Red” by Mac

17 thoughts on “Listening music with Sony MDR-7506

  1. Aku pasti pake apalagi akhir2 ini hidupku selalu di perpustakaan. Tapi beberapa hari lalu ada kejadian lucu. Entah kenapa orang2 disekelilingku ngeliatin. Begitu aku copot headphone, nanya, mereka bilang aku nyanyi kenceng. Upss!! ga nyadar keasyikan dengerin OST Begin Again hahaha. Langsung pasang muka serius *aslinya malu 😀

    • ahahahah iya Mba kadang sangking kita asiknya pake headphone suka gak nyadar kalau kita nyanyi2 dengan suara agak kenceng yaaa. ost begin again emang enak2 ya Mba..apalagi dengerinya pake headphone Sony ;p

  2. Aku ga pake headphone, pake speaker kecil aja, kebetulan di ruangan cuma berdua sama stafku, jadi ga ada yang merasa terganggu. Tapi ya kalo si bos masuk ruangan, langsung cepet2 kecilin volume atau matiin lagunya hahaha

    Btw, setuju sama mbak Yoyen, fotonya keren mba. Aku suka lihat ekspresinya mba nisa di foto2nya 🙂

    • Iya kalau cuma sedikit orang emang headphone bisa dipake atau gak tergantung suasana juga si ya. tapi aku mau ada orang gak ada orang headphone Sony wajib dipakai hihihi. Thank you Lia, yang ngatur ekspresi dan foto si Chicco 🙂

  3. Foto2nya sukaaaaaa 😍😍😍 ini nih yg gw maksud kyk candid 👏👏👏 Gw jarang dngrin musik skrg, dngrinnya lagu bocah2 terus, secara musik gw enggak child-friendly, wkwkkw.

    • thank you Vem. ini semua mulai dari yang motoin ampe ngatur gaya dan edit si Chicco whahahaha.
      makanya pake headphone aja Vem jadi bisa bebas dengerin tanpa si J&M dengerin ;p

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