Weekend brunch at Brewton – Newtown!


Its a warm sunny day in Sydney, and its perfect to spend the time at the pool. Just to chilling a bit while eating a lot of watermelon. And by the time I type this post, I see Bazyl still eating his biscuit and bread while watching Paw Patrol. He just couldn’t stop chewing ;p

Last weekend we decided to have a brunch at Brewtown. The place is in Newtown ( a suburb in Sydney ) which is the hip, trendy and a colorful place that range from restaurants, cool bars and my favorite place to shop some vintage stuff! They have a lot of fashion store, music shopsΒ  and books πŸ™‚


We took a bus at first, and we kept our promise to little mister so we continued the ride on a train. Just 3 stops from Central station and we arrived at Newtown.



Brewton itself is one of the most popular cafe in Sydney. So when you plan to visit Sydney, I recommend this-must-visit-cafe. But before you can enjoy their menu, you have to patiently wait in line but its worth the wait!

batch_5IMG_4163batch_5IMG_3874-sideFor those of you coffee lover, this place has a pretty good coffee and ice coffee too. Too bad I’m not a coffee drinker so I just enjoy watching Chicco enjoy their Ice coffee. We ordered the Elvis burger where the bun was a cronut/brewnut and had a Chicken sandwich too which is poached chicken, almonds shallot and mayo baguette. The taste was to die for! We would definitely be back for more πŸ™‚




We really enjoyed our delicious meal that’s for sure! Anyway please don’t get bored yet, after this I will share some pictures from our (Still) weekend La Perouse ;p

28 thoughts on “Weekend brunch at Brewton – Newtown!

    • Iya Nggi burger nya enak banget si Bazyl ampe ngambilin terus bun nya ahahaha. Btw kamu kok sekarang pake account blog yang ini buat comment? Yang daily blognya kemana Nggi

      • Ini yg muncul yg aksesoris ya? Nggak tau nih, aku belum buka laptop. Update dari hp aja. Masih aktif kok, cuma kalo posting kudu buka laptop, sementara si laptop lagi bermasalah, bervirus. Pak Carlo lagi sibuk jd belum.sempat benerin si lappi. Mau posting dari hp begitu upload foto, buyaaar -___- jadi sebel sendiri.

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