Photos from Beautiful La Perouse!

batch_5batch_5IMG_4121Besides spending our weekend having brunch at Brewtown Newtown, we decided to visit La Perouse. The location itself is close from where we live. It only took 20 minutes to go there by bus. As you may know, La Perouse was also featured in one of the scene from Mission Impossible II. They have a very gorgeous island and beach with absolutely stunning view of lava and coral beach.

And here’s a few photos of our time in beautiful La Perouse….



batch_5IMG_4125Macquarie watch tower or also known as The Barrack Tower was built around 1821/22 and one of the heritage sites in New South Wales.



Coral beach at La Perouse bay, unbelievably beautiful!


batch_5IMG_4132Walking to Bare Island ^^


batch_5IMG_3970A rocky beach at la Perouse Bay

batch_5IMG_4120batch_5IMG_4044Waves crashing on the rocks! Bazyl and papa make a great explorer team πŸ™‚

batch_5IMG_3964batch_5IMG_4106_FotorIts almost sunset and I could stare it all day πŸ™‚

We had a great time there, and hope you enjoyed the photos too !!

25 thoughts on “Photos from Beautiful La Perouse!

    • oh bukan Mba yang Macquarie chair itu yang di botanical garden kan klo gak salah? ini botani bay, tapi akupun penasaran sama si Mrs chair itu waktu kesana gak nemu saking luasnya ahahahaah
      thank you hot momma :*

  1. Gw pertama tadi ttg tempat ini dari blognya MemTyke Nis dan sekarang lihat lagi jadi jauh cinta lagi ama ni tempat. Keren banget ya emang…

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