Happy Birthday Chicco !!


Today is Chicco’s birthday. This man is absolutely amazing and precious to me. Lucky me I found him in this messed up world. I Hope you always know (even though lately I’ve been cranky and not very sweet of a wife . PMS ops! ;p )Β  that I always always grateful to have you. How much you mean to me!! You’re my everything and I’m glad you’re stuck with me in this upside down married life. Gotcha !!! ahahahaha

Enjoy your pizza and ice cream !!! ( he didn’t want any cake, just one pint of his favorite ice cream and pizza to eat by himself !! ) and another good news came for him today. And we are thrilled to hear it. Hope it will come true soon !! Please..wish us all the best dear friends πŸ™‚


Happy Birthday, Chicco! my goodness, I love you so.



52 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Chicco !!

    • ahahah iya nasib PMS emang kasian ya mba ;p
      Makasih mamanya Ben πŸ™‚

      hihi kalau udah sekiranya 80% jadi Insya Allah aku share ceritanya disini Mba hihihi. doaken saja yaa hueheheh

  1. Woh sahabat kita semua, om ben dan om jerry! #lostfocus πŸ˜† wyatb ya om chicco. Klo kata anak-anak jaman skarang: WYATB. Wish you all the best! πŸ™‚

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