A little Video/film , We Had Fun Day Together

The video above is from our day together last Sunday. The song is “Wouldn’t it be nice” by The Beach Boys.  I edited with Imovie. I love this family of mine sooo MUCH !!! 😉

As usual we took the train rather than hop on/off bus to please little mister ( how many times I’ve told you he loves trains so much ). We had sushi for lunch, and visited one of Sydney’s street art, called “Forgotten Songs” at Angel Place. Its always fun to see art in the city.And if you look down the street , there is plaque describing this art installation

” Forgotton songs. These recordings are from bird species that once sang in central Sydney, before Europeans settled and gradually forced them away. Some of these birds can still be heard on the city margins where they find food and shelter in native vegetation”




22 thoughts on “A little Video/film , We Had Fun Day Together

  1. Ada videonya mbak? kok di laptopku nggak kebaca ya, malah adanya tulisan : 404 Not Found nginx/1.2.3 gitu ._.

    Yah,liat fotonya ajaaa ah 😀 itu yang diatap-atap itu kandang burung kan mbak ._.

  2. sukaaa videonya!!! jadi pengen bikin juga. lu ngeditnya pake apa ya nis? rasanya gua udah pernah tanya waktu itu tapi gua lupa ngecek lagi jawaban lu apa dan sekarang udah lupa di posting yang mana. hahaha.
    mau dong nis dikasih tau ke email gua. arman.tjandrawidjaja@gmail.com. thank you 🙂

    • ahahah disini aja gpp kok Man,gak usah pake email biar yang lain bisa tau juga
      editnya pakai Imovie kalau yang ini. tapi kadang juga suka pakai photo show movie maker Man.

      anyway makasih ya Man !! ayo buat apalagi kan lo fotonya dan videonya bagus2. Btw Man gue juga mau email si rencanaya ada yang mau ditanya juga. 😉

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