Pictures from Grounds Of Alexandria

Like I mentionedΒ  in my previous Post, we enjoyed our Sunday brunch at The Grounds of Alexandria. Its one of our favorite place for a day out because its always fun and has a lovely vintage atmosphere. With lots of fresh food to eat in or take home, great little farm (mama pig, pony, chickens and ducky) and a playhouse for the kids. Trust me… they gonna love it!! And there is a little gorgeous florist too!!

I really recommend you to visit this amazing place while you’re in Sydney. Its one of “Sydney Must Do’s”

Here’s a few photos,batch_5IMG_8002batch_5IMG_7886IMG_7883-sideIMG_7895While waiting for our table inside, Little mister had chocolate croissant for snack πŸ™‚

IMG_7887beautiful colorsΒ  !!


best croissant I’ve ever had!!!

batch_5IMG_7875Good atmosphere


There’s always room for delicious dessert , nom nom nom ;p

batch_5IMG_7932-sidebatch_5IMG_7874IMG_7889Looking at this crispy nuts for snack?? .. oww I can’t stop !!

batch_5IMG_7892_FotorIMG_7877 batch_5IMG_7923_Fotor_Collage



batch_5IMG_7987batch_5IMG_6096PHEW !!! That’s it for the photos from our Sunday brunch . I’m signing out now and Happy Friday everyone, have a fun and safe weekend !!

46 thoughts on “Pictures from Grounds Of Alexandria

    • terima kasih Azmi πŸ™‚ dress favorit juga ini vintage find πŸ˜‰
      aku juga lagi agak sakit gini tapi karena lagi “dapat” hueheheh. km makan kacang gak bagi2 siii ;))

  1. Suasana sekitarnya tematik sekali. Semua sudut punya ciri khas. Apalagi diambil secara cakep begini, makin keluar kecantikan tempatnya.

  2. Nissssss fotonya bagus2 bgt sumpaahhh! Ini kamu ambil pake iphone or dslr? #anaknyasukapenasaran :p
    Trus mataku kenceng bgt lho menatap croissant pleus choco croissant yg dimakan Bazyl :”))))

  3. Tempatnya bagus yaa.. fotonya juga cakep2 Nis.. Baju lo juga kece banget deh.. selalu jadi bahan contekan nih.. huahahah.. buka kartu

    • Makasih bebe..gue selalu kegirangan deh tiap kali lo muji foto or video gue serasa gue nyiptain hasil foto sekece dirimu *terharu . ini baju vintage Be..hihihi favorit banget πŸ™‚ makasih lagiii

  4. Ya ampun ._. bagus dan bersih banget gitu mbak tempatnya? ._. aku ndeso banget deh liat foto-foto di grounds of alexandria ini ._. cuma bisa mangap doang ._. kereeeeeen mbak Nis :))

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