Little Video : Bazyl Turns Three

I can’t believe my little mister  turned three, yesterday !!!  we sang happy birthday and had cute lolipop cake from ColleteLola ( he chose his own cake, anyway! ) We had blast, especially Bazyl.  He sure loves the attention. I’m not sure i’m ready to let him get any older. it seems like only yesterday I gave birth to him..and just like that its been three whole years, 3 beautiful years.Hey life please slow down !!!

Dear Bazyl, You are the little one who made me a Mama. You are my world, my beautiful boy .Thank you for loving mama and papa back.  my prayers  always with you, Every day in every way so everything will shining bright for you.

and here a little video of Bazyl about the cute things he says and does. I love you constantly, daily, always, because I do. I love you !!!

Ps : terima kasih banyak buat segala ucapan dan doa ulang tahun Bazyl via instagram. We  appreciate so MUCH !! 🙂

40 thoughts on “Little Video : Bazyl Turns Three

  1. Selamat ulang tahun buat Bazyl… semoga sehat selalu, panjang umur, jadi anak kebanggaan mama dan papa, tumbuh sehat dan cerdas tidak kekurangan suatu apa :)) :amin. Wish all the best for you, have a great year ahead!

  2. Aduuh aq kok terharu liat video Bazyl ini yaa apalagi ada backsound mellow jadi tambah mellow *laptissue *efekhormon.. tapi lucu jg denger logatnya kyk Philipino gt… Happy birthday sweet little Bazyl..

    • hihi akupun lagi mellow akhir2 ini shin…efek hormon juga tapi karena mau mens.wahhh filipin yaaa ahahahahaha, kita malah bilang logat dia kalau ngomong bahasa indo, itu jawa tok tok deh Sin…. makasih banyak ya..:)

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