Family Photos , While We Were (Still) In Sydney


I was really excited when one of Chicco’s friend offered to take our family photos. It only took maybe around 5 minutes after reading his message to respond back. At that time was about 2 months before we have to pack our bags and leave Sydney ( you can read my previous post HERE about where we move ) so I guess it was just perfect to have another new family photos while we were still in Sydney. Its gonna be like a beautiful moment to remember.

We head off to the Royal Botanical park early in the morning ( you also can read another story of this our favorite park HERE and HERE ) to meet Chicco’s friend and snap the pictures there. We like taking pictures, but we rarely take pictures of all three of us together because either Chicco or me is usually the one behind the camera.

When I made this post, It was kinda weird  …how I missed Sydney so much!! The city that I didn’t like it before but successfully made me fall in love over and over again and I really enjoyed my time there.

Here are a few of our family photos…





Thank you so much Edmond, these photos mean everything to us !!  If you’re in the Sydney area I really recommend this talanted Man . We had the best day with him and his beauitiful wife,they are truly amazing lovely people !!


Ps : oh Thank you again so much for the pretty shawl Mba Ria , Super LOVE !!! ^^

50 thoughts on “Family Photos , While We Were (Still) In Sydney

  1. Sweet pictures.. baik banget temenbya.suka sama foto2nya. Btw ya niss..kamu foto2 tanpa photographer pun dah kece….all the more with the talented one.

    • Iya Jo..buat kenang2an katanyaa..and we surely lucky !! hihihihi
      aiihh Jo sukses buat gue melayang deh, itu si butuh ngedit berjam2 Jo hahaha
      ..makasih yaaaa 🙂

  2. Nisaaaa ini keren bgtttt! Pose, penghayatan.. semuanya natural bgt, lovely! ♡. Btw, boots nya kece Nis.. i wish bs make boots tanpa kliatan bogel :”)))

  3. Suka banget sama gaya potonya Nis. Lighting dan ekspresinya dapet banget buat capture kehangatan keluarga kalian. He is a very talented man indeed.

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