Childhood is so simple


Childhood is simple,he’s love is so simple. and I love how simple he is..

Children are born innocent, they want only to be loved , learn and play all day long.  They have an innocence about them that very real and magical. They are spontaneous and very perceptive. They are very focus in what they want and there’s no question about it.

In the process we think we are teaching them…but the truth, they are re-teaching us to open our eyes to see how beautiful and wonderful everyday truly is. They are the perfect blessings.

When we as parent, we see our children grow up its like wonderful – beautiful – joy. But in other side we feel sad as we get older and our children grow. It’s a reality that we all have to face. There’s nothing that can compare to Bazyl’s smile/laugh and his words  especially when he say   “I yo you mama” (and this tears just fell down)

ooh I wish to bond with my kid for as long as I can and remember.

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