Give up the perfect life for happy life


I used to be obsessed with being the perfect mama, being a happy mama and so on. If I wasn’t the best at something, I couldn’t sleep at night. I became such a bitch. Becoming good alone is not acceptable because there was always room to be better. I was easily dissatisfied and disappointed in myself. Not to mention that i cry easily. Yeahh am such a crybaby.

But I’ve learnt that not everything could be perfect. Joy can come from tiniest things. Like when Bazyl came into my lap and said “I wanna hug, big hug”. This small moment can bring extraordinary life for me!! And am sure that all mama in the world can agree with this magical feeling.

Everyday is a good opportunity for me to be a better person, can bring out the best of me too!

sometime as a society, we’re busy chasing extraordinary moments. instead we’re focused with the everyday-ordinary-moment in life.Well, I guess, in the end..happiness is about a moment-to-moment choice.

So with this post I would like to share a quote that I read a few days ago, “Just give up the perfect life for happy life, so you will respect the way you are, and how you doing something in life”

and its such a good reminder for me as a human, wife and Mama..

16 thoughts on “Give up the perfect life for happy life

  1. I’m a perfectionist. But sometimes that makes me -“sick” – not enjoy and happy with my life. Perfect is important. But happy and enjoy every single and simple thing in our life is more important. Imperfect is not a sin. That’s my humble opinion. Thanks for sharing beautiful quote Nis *kangen video Bazyl nih Nis 😍😍

    • Wahhh itu kompetitifnya demi dibilang gak weird ya mba .. Aku tuh sbnernya juga cuek masa bodoan tapi jadi suka kepikiran klo ada yg negur trus aku jadi ngerasa bersalah . Mulai deh harus jadi perfect biar gak dicela dll huhu

  2. Ya bener tuh… Biar gak stress juga ya. Hehe. Bahagia itu kan sederhana. 🙂

    Tp gw sama kayak lu. Perfectionist dan gampang anxious. Suka terlalu ambisius.

  3. Nobody perfect in this world, Nis. So it’s ok , don’t be too hard on yourself 😘 The most important thing is be happy with yourself, with what you have, I know it’s easy to say 😉 but the less you worry the happier you are.

    • Iyaa Shin.. Berusaha enjoy every second of this motherhood. Walaupun terkadang pasti ada kita dilanda perasaan gak puas dengan diri sendiri.. Cuma emang its like reminder banget si buat gue 😉

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