Fun in the Kitchen With Bazyl

Happy Monday !!

Since Bazyl started school and theres a kids’ kitchen area in his classroom, he feels that now he can cook everything!! so last saturday when he woke up and finished his milk and cereal ( yess he still eats them separately ) he still wants to eat more and asked me to make omelette. when I went to get ready in the kitchen he followed me and said

mama I can help you ” and I said ” oh really Bazyl, did ms allison teach you to make omelette at school ” // she teach me making playdough but i can make my omelette please mama..” so after that, we got busy in the kitchen together πŸ˜‰

IMG_6778he said ” this is brown egg”

IMG_6781IMG_6782IMG_6794Actually we made sunny side up aka “telor ceplok” not omelette, but Bazyl kept saying that is omelette.

IMG_6798IMG_6800IMG_6810Tadaaaa…my omelette and rice and fries. waittt…he ate a lot that morning too!!!! ^^

Well actually I put the video on snapchat while we were busy in the kitchen and suddenly some friends texted me and said ” what the hell you doing in the kitchen with toddler like that, your son can get hurt!” his mama I know what I’m doing and of course I chose short simple cooking , so everything is under control. andΒ  its like learning process for bazyl too.

Cooking with kids and sharing the kitchen with them encourages their interest in food. I can give a chance to Bazyl to get to know what is fresh food in an interesting way. It’s also a fun way to encourage skills for life. I know its not easy..I can tell you cooking with toddler takes a lot of energy , time and patienceΒ  ;p


But gladly in the end he ate a lot !!! am such happy mama πŸ˜‰

21 thoughts on “Fun in the Kitchen With Bazyl

  1. Bazyl pinteeer. makanyya juga jempol, banyak. Btw gue juga nyebut telornya itu omelette loh πŸ˜†
    Ah gpp Nis, anak anak di dapur bahaya kalo emang gak ada yang ngawasin kalo ada yang ngawasin sih gak lah, malah bagus biar anak anak bisa belajar πŸ™‚

  2. Good job Bazyl! Pasti dia enjoy masak deh nis…secara kan kamun n chicco juga pintar masak lalu keintet resep burger chicconyg belom kesampean ampe sekarang

    Lalu teringat lagi tentang nissa yg dah lama ga share resep

    Hihi…have fun u two

  3. Wah calon master cheff Junior nich si Bazyl.

    Kebayang waktu aku kecil dulu kayaknya ga pernah diijinin masuk dapur sama nykp karena berbahaya, jadi cuma bisa main masak2an.

  4. kalau ke dapurnya dibawah pengawasan orang tua harusnya gpp dong ya mba? πŸ™‚
    siapa tau Bazyl bisa jadi the next master cheff junior πŸ˜€

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