Hunting For Good Sandwich !!


Well actually this sandwich thing was part of our Saturday stroll in central district last weekend. We love exploring this neighborhood because they have many things to do beside good places to shop ;p like a lot of coffee shop , good restaurants , cafes , vintage shop, boutiques , art exhibition , cool galleries. I took a ton of photos while we walked around that I think its better to make this post into 2 parts.

Anyway, we read few weeks ago about Bread & Beast and we just couldnt wait to try it, till last weekend we load up as foodie-hunting-family to stop in wan chai district before we continue strolling down to Central. you always comes first in our mind!

This place was one of the best and favorite sandwich place in Hong kong and seriously ..I still cant get enough of their sandwich, coffee, fries .. not forget to mention that they have tasty sides that I had which was Lotus root fries , oh my Goodness !! definitely will back for more!!

well if you like to know more..please continue to read.because here are some photos!

IMG_7885IMG_8034IMG_8028-sideI also love the place its like an open space with colorful chairs and lovely design. oh yeahh thats my Le Monade !!

IMG_7890surprisingly the coffee was good too !!!

IMG_7896drooliinggggg !!!! this lotus root fries …was amazing !!! oh yess tell me about it..

IMG_8023IMG_7900IMG_8032Oh Dieee dieeee !!! this fries was also the best…because they putΒ  a lot of ingredients like kewpie, okonomiyaki sauce, bonito flake and egg !!


There you have it folks! I really recommend this place when travel to Hong kong. The location is in G/F 3 Swatow Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island.


until next post !! stay tuned πŸ˜‰


17 thoughts on “Hunting For Good Sandwich !!

    • sini lagi Be πŸ˜‰ ntar kita jalan2 makan yang enak2, tempat makan or cafe2 kaya gini itu rata2 mencil lokasinya kaya di gang or jalan buntu gitu..sandwich place ini kudu wajib dicobain klo lagi di HK, soale unique taste gitu Be

  1. Nice place! The yellowmustard chairs look very eye-catching. Btw pas ngeliat foto terakhir, aku sempet mikir: what is Bazyl doing, playing with a salonpas on his forehead? πŸ˜† sowi Bazyl, tanteu lupa km abis jatuh πŸ˜€ stay happy n healthy ya Nisa skluarga!

    • iyaa Tyk, yang buat seger mata selain makanan ya dekorasinya itu terutama kursinya kuning gonjreng..mejanya juga lucu2. makasih ya Tik. stay healthy as well yaaa kalian disana πŸ™‚

  2. Tempat nya cozy banget ya, jadi penasaraaaan sama makanannya hahahaha
    Bazyyyl beneran kamu udah lincah lagi ya kiss kiss jidatnya yg di tempelin “koyo” hihihi

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