The Truth is..

wonder kira2 Kate Middleton gini juga gak yah pas hamil ?? :/

Geez,I hate myself ! Last night was awful. Complaint about everything..I think its because  feeling exhausted , sad and went to the bathroom lock myself there and cried! I feel like everyone around me has no common sense …I’m soooooo in raging bitch mode right now!

I hate Chicco yess I hate him much  now ! constantly feel mad at him last night  til this morning cant even talk trough chat or see his face even in my phone.nothing he says is right, he send me “Please Ma..dont torture your husband, love you ” hell its going to make things better. and suddenly I just miss him but still hate him.

I hate him especially when he can sleep like  a baby at night , can go here and there. do whatever he want .Me??? I’m the one who peeing every ten minutes, struggling to get comfy at nigh and day..also lack of sleep, think twice before do this and that.well am sorry husband..  😦 I know .. your effort and  support during this pregnancy . I still Love you much and thank you for that.

I dont know why but i cant help myself with this.I might feel little bit crazy, down and lonely. Hah ! With Bazyl I was so calm and happy like nothings wrong . This second one is more difficult ..its not easy at all.

Oh hormones..why you so bad! ggrrhh..oh well what can I do about it beside cry,cry,cry and yell ? I’m so sorry banana. hope you fine there 😦

and for divert myself from the moodswing , I made GUDEG Ayam for my brunch….Yum !! you can see the picture in my instagram (lagi males upload foto ke blog )

sorry for the random-long-rant i just needed to get some of it out.



17 thoughts on “The Truth is..

  1. Semangat Nisa sabar setelah proses lahiran pasti lega deh hehe 😀 . 2 tahun lalu yg paling menyiksa aku sih klo tidur gak bisa miring sendiri, jd selalu di dorong/ditarik pelan suami spy bisa tidur miring ke posisi yang enak hehe.

  2. when you feel that you cant help your hormones effect by your self, you can write everything you want to take out your emotion.. or… may you can keep silent on sajadah and tell Him everything that you feel and pray the best for you..

  3. Mbak Kate sempet bedrest total pas hamil anak pertama kalo gak salah… saking morning sicknya
    semangka bumillll… memang begitu bukan setiap ibu hamil? kelar pregnancy’s extreme mood swing masih ada baby blues menunggu… hahahah yang setrong yaaaa para suami-suami sekalian XD

  4. Hug for Nissa. Yeah hormon orang hamidun emang beda2 ya nis. Hang in there ya..semoga cepat berlalu. Stay healthy for u an banana

  5. Hormones….iya kalau hamil memang mereka berkuasa sekali…moga-moga dikuatkan, ya mbak…jadi inget setiap mulai mood swing, srg cuci muka-basahin kepala..*jadinya cuci muka melulu *

  6. Pukpuk mbak nisa. Hormonnya nakal ih, jewer sini si hormon 😆😆
    Oh ya kalau ga salah mbak Kate sempet bedrest total dan masuk RS karena dia punya morning sick parah bgt. Btw, i’m one of her fans :p

  7. Hahahaha *ooppss sorry…. please be very carefull with your emotion Nis, ikhlas dan sabar aja, it will be over kok.. spy gak end up pre-eklampsia kyl aq walopun gak ketauan penyebabnya tp aq mikir unstable emotion berperan jg…

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