Baby Bump , 32 Weeks !!!!


Oh My Goodness I entered the stage when Baby Banana will pop out soon. Its my last trimester baby !! :’)

Last week was check up  with ultrasound scheduled and Alhamdulillah baby Banana is healthy and strong. Everything bout me is from the protein level, blood pressure, sugar and my weight is all normal. Last time we checked it went up 9kg!!

I’m currently craving Coco Pops, Eggo waffles and cherries all day long !! Banana kicking sooo many times, sometimes just a gentle kick but other times it hurts but I love it either way !!

Can’t believe its that last few weeks before birth, I thought it was just yesterday I updated the stories about the suffering I had in the first trimester till the second trimester that I almost checked-in to the hospital, thinking about it , making me shivers ( no joke !! ) You can read the long story HERE  and talk about the time when the nurse from the hospital called that made me panic ( read the story HERE ) then, feeling that this second pregnancy is harder and painful, but hey.. I survived!! Bless me! and deep down inside I’m thankful that we’re having another baby.

This last trimester made me more sensitive and start to think about all the pregnancy things.

It made me think that soon the 9 months journey is going to an end.. ..despite that I love love love having bond with this unborn baby ( talk, dance, touching this big belly ) other things that I’m ready to let go like no more trouble sleeping because cant find a good position ( the struggle is reallllll ) heartburn , no more kicking inside the tummy, going to the little girl’s room every minute, Braxton hicks , craving this and that, back pain, crying for no hey,try to be patient.because…

This journey is almost over. Its kinda bittersweet  :’)

I will miss those feelings indeed.

Not to mention the beautiful moments when Bazyl always say hi to his little brother, kissing my big belly and say “adek I love you adek” yesss he cant wait to meet his future best friend.

I’m anxious also to know what my baby look like, more me or Chicco’s face , how to hold baby, learn how to breastfeed properly and other things . but also  I just can’t wait to hold baby Banana in my arms :’)


so yeah…here’s to the last few weeks, baby !! dan termewek T_T



19 thoughts on “Baby Bump , 32 Weeks !!!!

  1. Bismillah mba nisa… lancar lahirannya… selamat ibu dan bayinya… ^_^ see u soon baby banana…

  2. nah klo udah mau akhir2 tuh yang bulan2 paling dirindukan, gw juga kadang kangen hamil yang udh gede gitu, yang 3 bulan pertama klo bs di skip hehehe

  3. Aku yg baca ceritanya aja, rasanya ikut deg2an & grogi! Ngga kebayang jd Nisa 😦 tp alhamdulillah sebentar lagi semuanya akan terbayar tunai dgn hadiah yg sangat indah ya! Insyaalloh lahirannya ntar drama-free ya. Lancar semua, aamiin.

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