Forever Grateful to be His


In just 1 month or more baby number 2 will arrives! As exciting as it is, will a lot of change on our home. Trying so hard to make things easy and stress-less as possible especially for my  little mister Bazyl. Although , I know Bazyl just cant wait to see and hold his little brother, but having Mama only to his self all this time will be such a lot for him.

I would be lying if I said “yess I can handle it ” or ” I dont have any worries at all”  but my attention will be devided  and our day together are going to be changing soon..

I worry enough. I worry about our bond changing.


As you all know in my previous story HERE that when I suffered and battle with my all-day-long-sickness, the one who took care of me most of the time  ( when Chicco not home ) was Bazyl. He didnt go to school, I didnt feed him well because I couldnt get up from bed and he got sick!! *cry me a river*  till now feeling much guilty.not proud at all about that.

But with all his truly heart .. at that such a young age he gave me what I need, attention that he can !!  He knows me well at that time. How can I’m not love this boy soooo MUCH !!! Forever grateful to be his ….

Oh my God ..the tears really start to flow :’)

I know this new journey with two is going to make my heart doubling in size than I could ever imagined !! Never knew that motherhood would touch me deeply.







6 thoughts on “Forever Grateful to be His

  1. Your love will not be divided, it multiplies, yes !!

    Dudududuuu… Dari ceritamu jadi belajar gimana hamidun di negeri orang, yg apa apa semua serba sendiri. Semangaaat mama Nisaaa ❤️❤️❤️

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