on Mother’s Day


Hope you had a great mothers day that you got spent sometimes with the ones you love. However even no flower for me or fancy gift or even no mother’s day card but yesterday still  was wonderful day for me .

I got like an extra 1,5 hours of sleep! Chicco took good care of the kids since early morning , got lovely morning breakfast even its only bread with nutella on top from Bazyl and he said ” I like you mama you’re my best friend ” ;p

Our family time go on walk  up up to the hills still looking for Bazyl next school and we had fun and chaotic lunch ( hey i got 2 boys here !! ^_^v )

free gift for me from the restaurant and surprise surprise i got bag with dark ale inside LOL , well at least I can use the bag for my daily grocery since its good quality.

Keen was fell asleep so couldnt join the family picture

Its almost 5 years I’ve experienced being a Mama still many things surprised me , sometimes I feel like I’m stopping my life because now I’m into motherhood but its ok..They are there to teach me to slow down, to pay attention and to love more. These crew are my world !!! I love them


15 thoughts on “on Mother’s Day

  1. Happy Mother’s day for Sunday Nis. Good that you got spoilt, even simple thing like sleep in, but it’s worth it isn’t it?? Disekolah Bazyl ga bikin kartu utk Mother’s day Nis? Dulu jaman the boys TK-SD selalu bikin2 something dari sekolah utk Mother’s Day. Ended up aku selalu punya double mugs, double pot bunga, etc etc 😜😜

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