Selamat datang 5 tahun perkawinan


Early morning, 23 Juli 2016



“wahhh apa inii  *senyum sumringah* .. asik kado”

*sibuk buka2 kertas kado*  *siul2*

“lho  … JUICER ?? !!”

“happy 5 years sayaaaanggg !!! “

” masa ngadoin anniversary   juicer si  pa, kan dah ada juga*kesel*

“ini bukan sembarang juicer ma, ini canggih .mahalan tauu..aku aja belinya pake mikir lama.”

—dalam ati gue dah cuma juicer pake mikir lama pulaaa, dasar laki !—-

“ini apel aja bisa masuk tanpa kamu harus potong” *sembari nunjukin buku manual*

” ini kan anniversary, 5th lho paaa. klo mahal kenapa  gak  beliin tas kek or emas kek or apa gitu yang cewe suka”    *lirik ogah2an ke box juicer*

“aku mikir jangka panjang..saking aku sayang ama kita aku minta kamu buatin aku jus tiap hari jadi kita bisa hidup sehat ampe kakek nenek”

*ninggalin chicco di livingroom*

lho ma mau kemana

“ke tukang buah !!!” #$%^&*()


well…selamat datang 5th perkawinan ……..

mungkin anniversary tahun depan gue bakal dapat obeng dkk?? entahlah hanya Chicco dan Tuhan yang tau :/


4 Years Of LOVE !!


Today, Chicco and I celebrate our 4 years of marriage!!

We met around March/April 2010 and it feels like not so long ago, like it was yesterday. Never thought in my mind that I will madly in love with this amazing man! I swear God that he never been my type, but here we are, all these years later with Bazyl coming into our life makes everything in our life more beautiful.

Marriage takes hard work, its like a rollercoaster ride but doesn’t mean its not worth it. I love Chicco more than he knows. I think its the best thing to happen in my life. It’s weird that after years and years, as new challenges come, and new amazing-crazy-things happening, I just find myself with a new-found-love for him. For us! It’s never the same but its getting better and better. There are different term of our love. All beautiful on their own right.

Chicco my dear, thank you for everything. We laugh together, cry together, fight, make up and will share many more precious moments in our life. I just love being stuck with you. Still madly in love with you and by the time I write this I just miss you so much till hurt. Even though I’m not the typical romantic type but I do miss you every minute of every day. I just cant wait to see you again, soon! Meanwhile, your crazy-bitcy wife just wanna say happy 4 years of (love) wedding anniversary from the bottom of her heart !!!



I LOVE YOU, Chicco !!!! always have always will …

Ps : our love story can read in Here





We are celebrating our wedding anniversary today !! Yess..our 3rd anniversary. i know .. we still might be clueless about everything but we work it out in the end. and trust me its so HARD but we’re glad to have each other to go through life. :p and we feel blessed with little mister as our lovely son.

and speaking about these pictures (below) taken yesterday. we just want some new photos about us but too bad little mister was not in a good mood ( eerhhh bazyl)

thanks for being my best friends Chicco. the years with you just getting better.

happy 3rd anniversary. I love you i love you i love you 🙂