#EF2 The Wildest Dream : a Rock Star !

Hello Friends !

I went shopping with my aunt earlier today and I just remembered that today is a Friday. It means English-Friday ( Blog english club ) and suddenly I just can’t wait to go home to participate in this challenge. When I came home, I rushed to my laptop and tried to focus on this challenge! So here is my first English Friday posting. This week’s topic is “Wildest Dream”!! Lets get it on! 🙂

When I read this week’s theme at Dani’s blog, I immediately remembered the past when I wanted to be a Rock Star!! Yess a Rock Star!! How cool is that, huh? ;p

Its simply because I love music. I’m a rock n roll loving kinda gal! I love Beatles, Led Zepplin, The Doors, Janis Joplin and Suzi Quatro. Its because my dad influenced me with these great musicians. Since I’m used to hearing their songs, it made me wanna be a Rock Star some day . I also wanna make my own music.  I think being in the spotlight, singing a song with a high pitch voice that can break a glass, while playing a guitar, getting an applause from the audience and when those things collide, BOOM!! You have a wonderful thing indeed!! Its also nice if I can play the drums and getting sweaty all over the place. Is that the sexiest thing or what? ;p

Back in high school, I was so happy that my dad bought me a guitar for my birthday so I can improve my guitar skills and he also taught me to play one of Led Zepplin’s song, “Stairway to Heaven”. OK I admit that I still suck playing it. Oh speaking about being a Rock Star, I used to have band called the “Sugar Band” with my girlfriends. Because we all loved listening to The Archie’s song, “Sugar Sugar”. Ahahah I know its not related with rock and roll. Just so you know, the first song that we played in front of the crowd was “Kiss Me” from Sixpence None The Richer. At that time, I was only a kid who had a big dream of becoming a Rock Star. At least I can channel my passion for music into some creativity. 🙂

As long as I can remember, the last time I sang in a band was a few years ago when my friend’s band invited me to join them in a jam session on the stage singing “Oh Darling” from the Beatles. I was so happy back then!! Maybe I will never be a real Rock Star in this life but at least I still can sing in front of my husband and son. I wanna buy a new guitar so I can write a simple songs of my own.

I’m the real Rock Star for my husband and son. They’re both are my biggest fans!! ;p

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 4_Fotor

this is an old photo when i was singing in the band with my friends “Plastic Soul”


Well there you go. Happy Weekend ! 🙂