Collector Of These Beautiful Moments Of Life..


I try to find the joy in life day by day by focusing on what I have in life rather than what I don’t. Even from the simplest thing, like when I took my little one to the park a few days ago. We enjoyed our time under the sun so much even when that day the wind was cold. I’m lucky to see my kid get the opportunity running around the park with his big smile and came to me with his funny silly question that (sometimes) I couldn’t answer that.

But then again..I realize life is all about perspective. Trying my best to focus on my blessings and keep counting on it. So it can block out all the negative feelings. I know..its not easy but I choose to be happy every single day!! because Life is  precious , life is a gift.  just wanna be collector of these beautiful moments of life..



A Little Video : Yesterday afternoon at Heffron Park

batch_5IMG_7772Its good to have the love of my life back again at home! Safe and sound yesterday morning. He brought a new toy for Bazyl and a little gift for me. Bazyl was really happy with his new toy, he played it all day long. We had lunch together at home. Since the weather was getting colder here, I made some chicken soup  and everyone’s favorite “Mama’s Fried Chicken with Yellow Seasoning/sauce  aka ayam goreng bumbu kuning ” ;)))  After that we snuggled together till we fell asleep. Later that day, we spent some time at Heffron park. We had a nice chat, played with the ball and chasing it every time bazyl kicked the ball everywhere he wants. But we enjoyed so much!! Here’s a little video from yesterday afternoon in the park. Enjoy 🙂

Have a good weekend, everyone!!!!!

Father and Son moment :)

Theres nothing more beautiful than to see the relationship between Chicco to Bazyl. father and son moment. IMG_0569_Fotor_Fotor

IMG_0574_FotorI love how they communicate in a unique way. I love to see them laugh together. I love when they have something common to share such as in the morning when their having breakfast together will share their nutella bread and eat with same style. funny yet adorable. I love how they sleep together and yeah this mama have to move to other bed. I love when they try to sing and dancing in a goofy way. I love when they smile each other, its like a boys code that sometimes i dont understand. I love how they like to hug each other when every time Chicco come home, its like they havent met for long time. I love how Chicco call “Bazyl” and Bazyl will yell “Papa” and run to him. those moments completely melt my heart and actually theres more moment that I love. but most of all I love them very very very MUCH !! 🙂

Ps: This picture taken a few days ago when we spend the afternoon in Heffron park.