Weekend brunch at Brewton – Newtown!


Its a warm sunny day in Sydney, and its perfect to spend the time at the pool. Just to chilling a bit while eating a lot of watermelon. And by the time I type this post, I see Bazyl still eating his biscuit and bread while watching Paw Patrol. He just couldn’t stop chewing ;p

Last weekend we decided to have a brunch at Brewtown. The place is in Newtown ( a suburb in Sydney ) which is the hip, trendy and a colorful place that range from restaurants, cool bars and my favorite place to shop some vintage stuff! They have a lot of fashion store, music shops  and books 🙂


We took a bus at first, and we kept our promise to little mister so we continued the ride on a train. Just 3 stops from Central station and we arrived at Newtown.



Brewton itself is one of the most popular cafe in Sydney. So when you plan to visit Sydney, I recommend this-must-visit-cafe. But before you can enjoy their menu, you have to patiently wait in line but its worth the wait!

batch_5IMG_4163batch_5IMG_3874-sideFor those of you coffee lover, this place has a pretty good coffee and ice coffee too. Too bad I’m not a coffee drinker so I just enjoy watching Chicco enjoy their Ice coffee. We ordered the Elvis burger where the bun was a cronut/brewnut and had a Chicken sandwich too which is poached chicken, almonds shallot and mayo baguette. The taste was to die for! We would definitely be back for more 🙂




We really enjoyed our delicious meal that’s for sure! Anyway please don’t get bored yet, after this I will share some pictures from our (Still) weekend La Perouse ;p