Our life lately


A few weeks ago we spent our Saturday at Little bay beach (still not very known beach). The place is in the back of a golf course. Like I mentioned before in my Instagram (@qyusha) its a perfect calm beach for the whole family. The water is as calm as a lake so I don’t mind watching bazyl swimming and splish splash in the water by himself. Its just a laidback vibe in comparison to Bondi, Bronte or Coogee beach. No crazy wild wave yet the view is so beautiful.

batch_5IMG_5649We went to Downtown/Town Hall to watch the Chinese New Years Festival. The festival was great, a lot of fireworks and good attractions from the lion dance or barongsai. And before we head back home we went to Westpoint to see the Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors.

IMG_5694-sideI got my “me time” watching Fifty Shades of Grey with my dear friend, Mba Dewi who actually is a good friend of ย Mba ria/Ohdearria . The movie was so boring and so slow. A good thing about this movie besides the soundtracks was the popcorn that I ate… ;p later that night we had a good time during our din din, chit chat about a girls thing. what fun night !!



Oh look at this cute photos of Mr.Bazyl. Last week during his time in Playgroup, suddenly he grabbed a guitar and hopped onto a stage and gave a little performance with a song “twinkle twinkle little star”. I was so surprised! Definitely I’m a proud Mama!! He’s gonna be a Rock star !! And the other day, he wore a firefighter hat during his free play time at the playgroup. He said “mama..mama uuk aw atrol ya (mama mama look paw patrol). Paw Patrol is one of his favorite cartoon.ย  I love this boy so so MUCH ๐Ÿ™‚


IMG_5552-sideFarewell summer, we spent our time a lot in the pool, just because we don’t wanna miss the chance to see Mr Sunshine while (still) shining so bright. Hell yeah its 35c. It was so damn hot!!!ย  I will miss summer so much..pools, maxi dress, sandals. And Hallo Fall ๐Ÿ™‚


And those yummy food was made with love by me ahahaha and I ate it all by myself. “Pesmol ikan pedas & Ayam penyet sambal terasi” HEAVEN!! You have no idea how much heat I can handle, Hah ! ;p


IMG_5564Last but not least…dua lelaki kesayangan ini yang suka buat pusing kepala dan sekaligus ngangenin!! I love themย  till it hurt!!

Photos from the Sydney Festival..


We spent the whole weekend at Sydney Festival.ย  On Friday we were able to attend the Parramata Opening Party at Parramata ( its one of the suburb in Sydney area ). Its a night full of music performance, art, fun and food. And of course its family and kids friendly. We took the train to reach our destination. And of course you all can guess who the happy person was?? yesss Bazyl !! he couldnt stop saying “its train its train tut tut!!” and sang twinkle twinkle little star. LOL!!ย  Anyway we really enjoy it there and as usual I’m putting a few photos from the Sydney Festival in Paramatta.

DSC02899_Fotor-checkerDSC02882_Fotortoo bad that day the weather wasnt perfect at all for the party, raining all the time. still, we can enjoy the performance.

DSC02887_FotorIt was French artist, Christine Salem with her famous maloya music. Before she began to sing their song, they asked the crowd to take some moment to remember Charlie Hebdo attack #jesuischarlie. Their performance was beautiful. Well there is actually one song that I couldnt stop moving my legs to dance. People out there were totally into their song. They dance under the rain that made me goosebumps and all three of us were dancing. Awesome performance !

DSC02891_FotorDSC02908_FotorDSC02940_FotorDSC02909_FotorBesides a night full of music, the festival also got a lot of food trucks which made us wanna try all the food ^^


image2image3The highlight of the night was the “Fire Garden ” where they lit 800 candles at night for celebration. Sorry for the low quality pictures from fire garden area. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to pull out the camera from the bag.

DSC02939_FotorIt was a fun night for sure eventhough we’re so bloody sleepy and tired ^^. You can see it from the blurry picture that I took ahahaha. I had the wrong ISO setting. But anyway blurry picture is part from art ๐Ÿ™‚

DSC02944_FotorAfter we hibernated a day and in sunday we were totally ready to see another festival in Hyde Park, the “Festival Village”


DSC02955_Fotorimage1_Fotor_FotorBazyl was so happy. especially because there was a DJ booth and he asked to be off the stroller so he can go down to the floor and dance !! you can see the video in my instagram : @qyusha

DSC02975_Fotorwe tried the delicious Southern Fried Chicken and Waffles from Porteno’s during the rainy day. Perfection !!

IMG_5299_Fotorand this gelato pie is the Nutty Piefessor from messina. Our favorite gelato shop in Sydney. And of course everbody’s favorite !!

DSC02961_FotorThats a wrap for our weekend story. We really enjoyed it even though the weather was a bit confusing since last week. Sometimes its bright sunny and then suddenly the whole weekend was gloomy windy and raining. Well, as always thanks for reading along! ๐Ÿ™‚

So hows the weekend treating you dear friends?