Yarra Beach


Little explorers ^^

Here are a few photos from our time at Yarra beach around 1 or 2 weeks ago (This trip is just one day before freaky hailstorm that hit Sydney  and made some damages to our apt. I shared a little bit of the story HERE )

That day the sun is out beautifully after an extreme (wild) rain in Sydney the day before. So me and my friend Jo decided to spend some time at the beach to please our little ones. This time we chose Yarra Beach. Its near our place actually..this little beautiful beach is close to La Perouse and Little bay. Its a calm type beach and its perfect for the kids to go swimming. Too bad that day the beach is a bit dirty with lots of seaweed and little rocks around the shore from the effect of the storm. Usually this beach is very clean and have clear blue water. But we still had fun though ..especially the kids running around, chasing each other, building sand castles which they never finished, Hah! And me and my friend can have some girl talk while watching the kids play.


Blake and Bazyl..off to the beach !

IMG_8384IMG_8398_Fotor_CollageIMG_8404IMG_8467_Fotor_CollageThe forecast said that it might rain with 35% chance in the afternoon, although it never did rain. So the beach is empty  🙂

IMG_8433Beautiful shells

IMG_8403IMG_8479although the water is not as blue as usual but I still can see the beauty of this nature


IMG_8475selfie under the sun. I feel love !!!


The End 🙂